Smith Family!

Here’s a full-circle story for you…

Back on 7/6/2013, I met Kate and Ted by accident. I had just started taking on shooting small weddings and was (and still am) part of a large online forum of Boston photographers. I was tagged in an online post that a photographer was running late the day of her wedding and it just so happened that the bride was getting ready right down the street from where I live in Newburyport at the Garrison Inn. I happened to be available and grabbed my gear. I ended up covering her getting ready and assisting with the ceremony at the Immaculate Conception church, formals and cocktail hour at Turner Hill in Ipswich.

Fast forward to early this year. I receive an email from a woman named Kate requesting a Summer portrait session out on Plum Island where they will be in town on vacation right around their 5 year wedding anniversary. After a couple of emails back and forth, I notice that Kate’s signature line noted her maiden name which I recalled as being very unique. I took a quick peek on Facebook and what do you know…it was Kate and she had a photo that I took of her at her wedding posted online! Small world, eh?

Now, Kate and Ted have been blessed with two beautiful children and our photo session took place almost 5 years to the day of their wedding anniversary.

PS- I’ve included a couple of photos that I snapped on their wedding day at the very end!

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