Brooke Whicher Photography

  1. Maternity- Baby T!

    07 Mar 2016
    A couple of weeks ago, I did a quick shoot for a family that found me just in the nick of time! Mama is due in about a week now and they decided that they wanted to document their first pregnancy. Their rescue pup (aka their first child) was a…

  2. Family Session - Maudslay State Park!

    07 Mar 2016
    I loved shooting this sunset session at one of my favorite locations, Maudslay State Park. There are so many nooks and crannies and during the “golden hour”, the sun shines through the trees in such a magical way. Enjoy,B

  3. Andrew + Becky - Married!

    25 Feb 2016
    A big shout out to my assistant & second-shooter, Allison Corbishley!

  4. Newborn - Baby N!

    04 Feb 2016
    A few weeks ago, I had a newborn session with a super sweet couple and their new bundle of joy. Here are a few of my faves!Enjoy,B

  5. Valentine’s Day - Baby!

    24 Jan 2016
    Baby K is growing!!! Love that this lil one lives so close to me that I can shoot her for every holiday!

  6. Baby K- Fresh 48 Session!

    15 Nov 2015
    Meet Baby K! We did a “fresh 48” session, which was more like a “fresh 24” session last weekend.Enjoy,B

  7. Newborn - Baby L!

    05 Nov 2015
    I shot Autumn & Jared’s wedding last year and now, poof! They have a little girl! I was so excited to photograph Baby L at 13 days old!Enjoy,B

  8. F Family Portraits!

    26 Oct 2015
    Another fabulous family that I shot this past Fall at Spencer Peirce Little Farm. I was able to catch some really precious moments between their daughters ;) Sorry for the delay, but enjoy!

  9. Baby Bump - Baby Boy!

    26 Oct 2015
    I’m SO behind on blogging, but this one needs to get published since Kristen and Michael just recently welcomed their lil baby bundle of joy just recently and he’s so handsome! Hoping that I get some newborn shots soon to keep their family pics updated!Enjoy,B

  10. Scottie + Paula - Engaged!

    26 Oct 2015
    I shot Scottie & Paula’s engagement session this past Fall at Spencer Peirce Little Farm. It was the perfect day and we took full advantage of the foliage and corn stalks left in the fields! These two are adorable together and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this coming…

  11. FUEL Promo Shoot!

    25 Oct 2015
    Happy almost New Year to one of my favorite clients! FUEL! So excited to see these new shots soon on your updated site!

  12. Family Session- Kurt & Bob!

    21 Oct 2015
    One of my favorite families to document each year and always styled amazingly!We had so much fun walking through Maudslay and finding fun places to shoot.Enjoy,B

  13. Andrew + Becky - Engaged!

    19 Oct 2015
    I met Andrew & Becky through one of my brides from last year (Ashley & Matt). We decided to shoot their engagement session near where they live in Ashland, MA. Becky is a school psychologist and Andrew a fireman. Their pup, Luke joined us for a few shots as well…

  14. Senior Photos - Taylor!

    19 Oct 2015
    I have photographed the beautiful Taylor many a time. It all started with her modeling career and portfolio and most recently, her senior photos. I’ve loved watching her grow up and mature. She has always been one of the most kind, beautiful and joyful teens that I’ve known- she’s more…

  15. Danielle + Jessica - Engaged!

    18 Oct 2015
    Danielle & Jessica are two of the funniest people I have ever met. I spent some time at Spencer Peirce Little Farm a few weeks ago for their engagement session- complete with their baby, Maggie!I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next November at Zorvino Vineyards!XoXo,B

  16. Nick + Tanya - Married!

    18 Oct 2015
    Nick & Tanya were married back on October 17th 2015. It was a perfect day- the Fall foliage was in bloom and we were able to get lots of photos at the Royal House. The rain only started just as we finished the ceremony at the church. Dinner & dancing…

  17. Maternity Session - Baby K!

    03 Oct 2015
    Rachel & Keith have been some of my biggest supporters for years! I was honored when Rachel asked me to do a quick baby bump session for her. I suggested Colby Farm as the sunflowers were in bloom that week. Little did I know, Rachel is terrified of sunflowers because…

  18. Family Session - Hale Memorial Park!

    29 Sep 2015
    I met up with the Dobbs family this past weekend and we took full advantage of one of my favorite spots- Hale Memorial. It’s also a favorite of Rachael’s as she use to play and ride her bike through there as a kid. We had a blast!Enjoy,B

  19. Mini Sessions - Colby Farm Sunflower Field!

    26 Sep 2015
    It was another fabulous week at Colby Farm. Each day the sunflowers bloomed, it proved to be really hot all day, but it cooled down at night just in time for our mini sessions! We were able to donate $150 back to Colby Farm to help with the planting &amp…

  20. Stephen + Janelle - Married!

    21 Sep 2015
    Janelle and I met in high-school. Her older sister and I were really good friends and we have all kept in contact since then. During college while she studying to be a pharmacist, Janelle met her now husband, Stephen also studying to be a pharmacist! When Janelle contacted me about…

  21. Brett + Mia - Married!

    07 Sep 2015
    Brett and Mia were married on 9/6/2015 at a private residence in Manchester by the Sea. Surrounded by family, friends and their 2 pups, the night was perfect, intimate and filled with true love.There’s quite a story behind Mia’s wedding dress so I asked her to sum it up for…

  22. Senior Session - Meet Olivia!

    31 Aug 2015
    Meet Olivia! She’s not only gorgeous, smart & humble- she’s a hard worker and an all-star LAX player. Her family (and pup Henry) accompanied us to Plum Island, so I took a few photos with them as well!Enjoy,B

  23. W Family Session!

    27 Aug 2015
    After having to reschedule 4 times because of the weather (which never happens!), we were blessed with a beautiful night filled with sunshine and a cool breeze on Plum Island.Here are some shots from the W family session!Enjoy,B Outake! Kids checking out the seagull!

  24. Baby J - Baptized!

    24 Aug 2015
    Baby J was baptized yesterday at the Brooks School in North Andover where his mom once attended school. It was a bummer that it was raining since the grounds are so beautiful, but we made due. Inside the quaint chapel surrounded by close family and friends, baby J, now 9…

  25. Mike + Lei - Married!

    23 Aug 2015
    Mike and Lei have a great love story. Mike visited the mall one day, which he never usually goes to and Lei was there working for Save the Children. As Mike walked by her, she asked him to sponsor a child. He agreed and she took down his number to…

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