Birth Stories


{Please note that for the months of May through November, my travel range is only 35 miles each way as its busy season for me}

This fee includes:

- a pre-session chat to set expectations and answer any questions

- having me on call 24/7 for 1 week prior to your due date up until your actual delivery

- travel up to 30 miles each way (additional travel extra)

- photo coverage of your birth story (active labor, delivery (vaginal/c-section) & 1 hour after delivery)

 - all of the best photos from your birth story, lightly edited (some black & white)

- photos uploaded to a password-protected online gallery 

- downloads of the digital files

With your permission, I will blog your birth story with images that you approve

*please note that I do not offer videography services

More information can be found here!

So what can you expect?

We chat beforehand about your pregnancy- what you are having (if you know), what your expectations are for the birth and for the photos, if its your first, or fourth, etc. I have you text me when your labor starts- whether that's contractions, water breaking, etc. I ask you to let me know when you are about 6/7cm and I head to the hospital/ home/ birth center. I then capture everything before, during (excluding any restrictions imposed by the hospital) and then about 45 minutes - 1 hour after the birth (weighing, measuring, hand/footprints, bath, bonding, family photos).

Please note- you will need to check with your doctor and the hospital and relay any rules that they have around photography to me. Some hospitals dont mind if the photographer shoots start to finish, others mandate that there is no shooting from crowning through birth, others do not allow photographers into surgery when there is either a scheduled c-section or a vaginal birth that turns into a c-section. I will capture everything that I am allowed to, but I am not responsible for capturing moments that I am restricted by the hospital on. I will take a photo-journalistic approach and stick like a fly to the wall so that I don't interrupt any of this process or disturb the zen in the room.

Photos will be available within 1 week of your delivery.

If for some reason, I missed the birth because of my own mistake (which has never happened), all money would be refunded back to you. If I miss the birth because you progress very quickly or because you fail to text me in time, all fees would be due and I would still arrive ASAP and take photos of the baby and family at the hospital/home.

When Should I book?

Since I only take on a limited number of births per month, the sooner the better to guarantee a spot on my calendar! Once you decide you would like to hire me, you will be sent an e-contract to review & sign and a retainer fee of 50% will be due via credit card/check/cash to hold your spot.

To see examples of birth stories, visit:

Fresh 48 Sessions

Fresh 48 sessions are when I visit you after your birth in the hospital and take photos of your baby (ies) there and also grab some family photos. (This is not a styled session)

These sessions are approximately 45 minutes long and the session fee includes your choice of 3 digital files to keep from your gallery of all of the best photos- lightly edited and uploaded to a password protected. Additional photos/files are a la carte.


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