Baby Mason - A Birth & Surrogate Story!

I am so excited to share this beautiful birth story!

V&A are an awesome couple that reached out to me earlier this year because they were expecting– but little did I know that there was a SUPER cool twist! V&A were using a surrogate who was totally on board for the birth story to be photographed! The other neat part to this story is that Mason was to be born via c-section and since V is a nurse, she was able to convince the doctors to let she and I inside the OR

Dad was a little queasy so he stood right outside the OR so that he could still hear Mason’s first cry! We (V and I) had to promise to stay standing where a student would normally stand to observe in the OR. I also had to agree not to photograph until baby Mason was officially born and was deemed to be in good health by the nurse. I was SO excited- I not only got to 1) photograph an amazing birth for an awesome couple 2) experienced my first surrogate birth 3) was allowed IN THE OR to photograph (a bucket list item of mine)!!!! Many people are not aware that it is hard enough to get permission to photograph inside an OR, but the state of MA is really strict even with their photograph policies for births even outside of the OR. 

Without further ado, here is Baby Mason’s birth story…

You may want to watch this short video before you view the photos below to give more context to their story.

Watch their story here!

PS- All has been shared with permission from V&A!

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