Beautiful Baby B!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged. I use to for just about every portrait session and wedding, but business picked up and life got busy. 

I met Erin years ago when I did a portrait session for her, connected again when her son was born and then most recently just a couple of weeks ago when her baby girl was born. I love “lifestyle” newborn sessions because they are just that- they show life as it is– crazy, fun +  beautiful. 

B + E, thank you for allowing me to capture these ‘moments in time’ for you and your family. You two really are special souls and I love seeing you both so in love with each other and so in love with your babes. Photography alone lights my soul on fire, but when I get to make photos for clients that have become friends over the years and see their lives unfold and their family grow, it truly is an honor. 

If you want to see N as a baby, you can view his blog post click here.

The last photo is a cell phone selfie of us after we finished :)



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